Enriching Your Spiritual Life

At ERCC, we believe that the Christian life is about getting to know the Lord in a deeper way, and living a life that exemplifies Christ in practical ways. We do this because we love and admire the Lord, and we want to be more like Him.

Here are a variety of resources to help us along the way. This is just a tidbit of what’s out there – any of these resources will likely lead you to many more resources.

Online Bibles

Bible Gateway Online Bible -- a tool for reading and researching scripture online with many/most translations, from common English to obscure languages! Also provides advanced search capabilities to find and compare particular Bible verses based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.

Online Studies, Devotionals

Our Daily Bread -- a popular, daily Christian devotional.

The Marketplace Leaders -- focuses on Christian living in the workplace.

Gospel.com -- a list of many devotionals from around the Internet.

Christianity.com -- even more devotionals from around the Internet.

Other Christian sites

Christian Book -- Christian Bookstore with all manner of Bibles, books, etc.

Bible Study Planet -- Bible studies oriented to kids and teens.

Covenant Bookstore -- The Covenant Church bookstore.

Christianity Today -- Popular Christian magazine covering all manner of relevant topics.


US Center for World Missions -- engages in a variety of activities toward ensuring that each distinct people group is "reached" - including publishing resources, mobilizing churches, educating, etc.

Global Prayer Digest -- daily prayer guide for different unreached people groups.

PERSPECTIVES on the World Christian Movement -- a dynamic course where you'll discover what God is doing around the world. Highly recommended if you’re at all interested in supporting missionaries, or serving as a missionary.

Overseas Ministries Study Center -- provides residential programs for the renewal of missionaries and international church leaders, advancement of mission scholarship through research and publication, and continuing education in cross-cultural Christian ministries.

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