Supreme Court vs God

Supreme Court vs God

Supreme Court vs GodWell, the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states.  From what I can understand, the court did not state that the Constitution gives same sex couples this right, but that it reflects the general spirit of the law.  For the sake of “equality” and “compassion”, we have now re-defined marriage.

I wonder if it stops with same sex marriages?  What about polygamy?  What about marriage of brothers and sisters?  Why not give people the right to marry their pets?

The Judeo-Christian view of marriage is based on sacred texts.  There was polygamy among some of God’s people, but it was never the ideal. From Genesis to the New Testament, the definition of marriage was between a man and a woman.  Now that we have “progressed” to a secular view of marriage based on “love” and not a sacred text, it will be interesting to see how this affects religious institutions.

I am no prophet, but my guess is that many groups will suffer and lose their tax exempt status.  Businesses are already challenged to bake cakes and photograph weddings, even if it go against their conscience.  In Jonah Goldberg’s book, Liberal Fascism, he warned us of this coming movement of cultural elitists , who would shape our culture into their vision of progressivism.  Over forty years ago, Francis A. Schaeffer warned us that we would reap the consequences of rejecting revelation and re-build our culture on humanistic values.

Well, we are here.

Supreme Court vs God

If you want to follow our president’s lead, then let your view “evolve” and soon you will see the light!

I guess his statement about defining marriage on sacred scriptures no longer applies.  I am not picking on the president.  He reflects a large number of people in our culture who have chosen emotions and feelings to dictate their values.

My attitude towards this issue is two-fold.  I want to stay faithful to the revelation of God’s word and have the spirit of Jesus to those who embrace a different life-style.  The prophet Jeremiah cried deeply over his culture as he saw them slip into judgment.  Jesus did the same as he came into Jerusalem.  We need to cry over our culture.  We are slipping into judgment.  According to Paul’s letter to the Romans, God is giving us over to our unholy desires.  We will slip into darkness slowly, and our task is to pick up the pieces of damaged goods!  We can’t run away or give up reaching out with the life changing power of Jesus.  We may have to suffer and give up our comforts, but we can’t give up our calling as light and salt to the world!

Pastor Fred


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