Is There Any Hope?

Jesus Open ArmsI have been asking myself the question; Does the secular world have any hope for the future? After the Danish terrorist attacks, forty thousand Danes gathered to show solidarity for free speech and community consolation. One of the focal points of their gathering was a song performed by one of their popular music stars. You guessed it! The song was “Imagine”, written by John Lennon. Does this song crystallize the secular hopes and dreams of humanity? If you haven’t heard the words or cannot remember what the song is saying, do me a favor and download the song. All I can say is that it is fantasy and wishful thinking at its best! It lacks substance and denies the harsh realities of life. But it feels good! That is all the secular world has to hold onto; feelings. At the other end of the spectrum is a growing number of radicalized Islamists who want to impose a theocratic rule over the world. Their hope is that through violence and fear, their vision of the future will be realized. Would it be too far a stretch to say that most people would love a new order for humanity? Isaiah 42:1 proclaims that “justice for the nations” cannot be achieved through human efforts.


It will take a uniquely divine figure to bring order to this world. Jesus proclaimed this new order over two thousand years ago. He claimed that in and through His own person and work, God was bringing His order to the nations. The New Testament proclaims that in the resurrection of Jesus, God validates His purpose for a new world order. What He began in Jesus will be consummated at His return. Hope for humanity is fully realized beyond history and not through any human fantasy or effort. In history we must confront evil and seek the good for humanity. The message of the church is that in Jesus, we can enter the hope of resurrection by receiving new life in Christ. This new life celebrates the diversity of human culture and yet brings a real sense of unity and peace. My prayer in this season of Lent, is that all of Christ’s followers will give witness to the only hope for humanity; the glorious return of our Lord! Come Lord Jesus!