Planned Parenthood business

Planned Parenthood’s business?

Psalm 139:15&16

If you have been staying up on current events, you are aware of the videos that are coming to light on Planned Parenthood’s business of selling body parts of aborted fetuses.  They claim that they are within the law and are not doing this for profit.  What has been uncovered sure sounds like a profit making venture.

Regardless, what shocked me is the attitude of those on video as they discuss the precious body parts of developing human life.  We are not talking “tissue”, but livers, hearts, etc!  Whatever your political position on abortion, I think it would take a very callous person not to be broken over what is being done!

Planned parenthoodI confess that this issue of un-born life has not been on my radar for a long time.  The issue affects me deeply for reasons I cannot share.  As a pastor, I must speak out and say that we need to be praying for our nation, the many millions of women who have deep scares over choices to terminate life, and for our leaders to take a position that truly reflects a Judeo-Christian world view.

We are living in a different era with advanced technology that can reveal the developing life within the womb.  We can have a first-hand look at what the Psalmist so eloquently describes as God forming his life in the womb.

Can a culture like ours become so broken over the de-valuation of human life that there would be so few abortions to drive that industry into oblivion?  I am going to step up my prayers for a genuine revival for life!  It must start with repentance.  I hope these revelations will convict our culture of the callousness for unborn life.

“Lord, forgive me for not praying and beseeching your power to transform our culture as it relates to this issue.  I pray that you will heal the emotional, physical and spiritual scares of those who have traveled down the road of abortion.  I pray for those who are involved in this industry.  They are not my enemies.  They are people blinded by a world view that does not take into account the sacredness of human life.  Have mercy on them and may the people of God show restraint in expressing anger towards these people and have the courage to share the love of Christ.  Forgive us Lord and move in the midst of our culture for your Kingdom’s sake, amen,”

Pastor Fred


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